Documents for registration of establishment of a Foreign-, Hong Kong-, Macao- or Taiwan-Invested enterprise

For registration of establishment of a Foreign-Invested company

1、"The establishment registration application Form for foreign invested Enterprises" by the legal representative to be appointed 拟任法定代表人签署的《外商投资的公司设立登记申请书》

2、The approval document issued by the approval authority (one duplicate of official reply and approval certificate); 审批机关的批准文件(批复和批准证书副本1)

3、Articles of association公司章程

4、The notification of name pre-approval 《名称预先核准通知书》

5、Proof of subject qualification or proof of identification as a natural person for investors 投资者的主体资格证明或自然人身份证明

6、Photocopies of documents of appointment and proof of identification for directors, supervisors and managers董事、监事和经理的任职文件及身份证明复印件

7、Photocopies of documents of appointment and proof of identification for legal representative法定代表人任职文件和身份证明复印件

8、Investment verification certificates issued by a legally established investment verification authority依法设立的验资机构出具的验资证明

9、Where a shareholder has made his/her capital contribution with nom-currency properties for the first time, documents proving the completion of property transfer procedures shall be submitted.股东首次出资是非货币财产的,提交已办理财产权转移手续的证明文件

10、Certificate of company domicile公司住所证明

11、The minutes of the inaugural assembly;创立大会的会议记录

12、Pre-approval document or certificate;前置审批文件或证件

13、Letter of authorization for service of legal documents 法律文件送达授权委托书

14、Other relevant documents and certificates;其它有关文件

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