Documents For registration of cancellation of a Foreign-Invested Company

1、"The cancellation registration application form for foreign invested enterprises" signed by the responsible person of the liquidation team 清算组负责人签署的《外商投资的公司注销登记申请书》

2、The approval document issued by the original approval authority agreeing the cancellation;  原审批机关同意注销的批准文件

3、Resolution or decision made in accordance with laws依法作出的决议或者决定

4、Liquidation report that has been recorded and confirmed in accordance with laws经依法备案、确认的清算报告

5、Certificate for registration of cancellation issued by taxation and customs authorities税务和海关部门出具的完税证明

6、Certificate for registration of cancellation of branches分公司的注销登记证明

7、The original and the duplicate business license营业执照正、副本

8、Other relevant documents and certificates;其它有关文件

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